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SOCS Wayfinder

Navigation indoors can be difficult, especially for visitors or newcomers in public institutions such as university buildings, hospitals, and airports. Although many solutions exist for outdoor geolocation and wayfinding, through Global Position Systems (GPS), a similar standard doesn’t exist for indoor navigation. The SOCS Wayfinder platform establishes a novel low cost solution for indoor navigation using Near Field Communication (NFC) Stickers and an Android application. [Read the paper here: International Journal of Computer Applications]

LAPL-sorter (fLexible imAge PixeL sorter)

Simple web application that takes an image (<12 MB) as input and sorts the pixels. Currently have the option to sort horizontally, vertically, and randomly. When an image is uploaded and sorted, the final result is available on imgur. See the code and try it here.


AmbPressure is a tool built for the Vascular Health Unit at the Montreal General Hospital and the Glen Hospital in Montreal, Quebec. The tool takes in .TXR files from ambulatory blood pressure measurement devices and formats the contents to a more human-readble .csv format. See the code here.

Programmatically Ranking and Sorting Research Articles for Reviews (ALIGN)

In an emerging trend to automate the world and daily interactions, academia is not exempt. Systematic reviews have been used in clinical research for decades and in practice, the process involves at least a double blind sorting of articles in order to reach conclusions on a specific topic. With over 13 different values, a researcher will seldom need to consult other external resources to assess the quality of the paper. As such, ALIGN provides a nearly self-contained research application, which can be used to simplify and streamline the process of writing systematic reviews, while ensuring accuracy and quality. In general, by adding about 40 – 60 seconds of computing time per paper, researchers can begin to access objective measurements of the paper. This paper explores the different factors that go into evaluating a paper in general, the amalgamation of different resources to summarize useful information about the papers found in the search strategy, as well as the implications and limitations of the process on academia. [Read the paper here: International Journal of Computer Applications] See the code here.