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Logging into G-Mail Account

  1. Open up Google Chrome by clicking on the follow icon in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen or on the desktop  Different computers will have it in different places. For example on my computer I have it in my toolbar at the bottom of my screen. 
  2. When Google Chrome opens up, you can enter a website to go to in the “Address Bar” at the top of the screen.Click into this address bar to start typing the website name. A good tip to know when you can type is by observing what your mouse is doing. Usually, your mouse has 3 different states or symbols that it can be depending on what action you’re currently doing (see image below). When you’re selecting an item or generally navigating a web page you have the “arrow” pointer. When you can enter text, you have this “I” pointer. If you move your mouse over the address bar you’ll see that your mouse changes to an “I”.
  3. Type and then press the “Enter” key on your keyboard
  4. Usually, the first screen will open up if no other person has been using gmail before you. If you get this screen please follow steps 5-7. If you have the second screen, please follow steps 8-11
  5. Click into the box where it says “Email or phone” and enter your email address. Click on the blue Next button
  6. Click into the box where it says “Enter your password” and enter your password. Click on the next blue button. If you get the red text with “Wrong password….” please note that password and case sensitive which means that it must match exactly. Try your password again.
  7. You’re in!!
  8. You may have either the first screen which has “Hi <Name>” with either your name or another account. If it’s your account, great! You can just enter the password in the “Enter your password” box and click Next and you’re all set. Otherwise, click on the arrow beside th email address.
  9. In this menu click on “Use another account”. Now you can follow steps 5-7 to log in!

Note: You can also download these instructions as a [DOCX file] or [PDF file].

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